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Base Delta Zero
Star Wars Legends - Planetary Bombardment


Case Study

Caamas was a lush world covered in jungles and everglades; home to a pacifist race known as the Caamasi. This world was subjected to a devastating planetary bombardment which vaporized all vegetation and animal life within a matter of hours. Out of the billions of Caamasi that originally inhabited this "highly populated" world, only hundreds survived the bombardment. The atmosphere was thickened with soot and smoke, and what oceans remained were left lifeless and irradiated. The planet was so heavily damaged by the bombardment that it would have been easier to terraform a barren and uninhabitable world to Caamasi's specifications than to restore Caamasi itself.

Mission Paremeters

The objective of this bombardment was to remove the powerful democratic and philosophical influences of the Caamasi people through destructive force; this objective does not require the complete destruction of the planetary crust and all of the artificial structures and natural resources that exist within it, but merely the eradication of the Caamasi civilization. The required magnitude of bombardment is therefore orders of magnitude less destructive than the "all objectives met" scenario posited on the Base Delta Zero page (such as the proposed annihilation of Bothawui) or the crust melting bombardment conducted by the Assertor-class battlecruiser Wrath in the previous case study




Energy Requirements

The highly irradiated state of Caamas indicates that the world may have been subjected to a thermonuclear bombardment. These weapons range from multi-megaton to multi-teraton in yield and effect, and the total energy and minimum quantity of required detonations depends on the distribution and yield of the weapons used. The table below lists the minimum quantity of detonations required to inflict near total worldwide fatalities assuming an optimal dispersal for maximal effect. This bombardment would also be sufficient to level most above ground structures. 

Nuclear Yield
 Kill Radius
 Kill Area
(Square Kilometres)
 Detonations Required
(758.7 million square km^2)
1 megaton
(1,000 kilotons)
100 megatons
(100,000 kilotons)
1000 megatons
(1 gigaton)
200 gigatons 
(200,000 megatons)
20 teratons 
(20,000,000 megatons)
Nuclear Yield
Energy Required
7.587e+8 KM^2 (megatons)
1 megaton
100 megaton
1,000 megaton
200 gigaton
20 teraton

  • The blast effects of multiple detonations would have to partially overlap to ensure near total worldwide fatalities increasing the required number of bombs and total energy.
  • Using turbolasers to conduct this bombardment would require thousands of times greater energy because such directed energy weapons are orders of magnitude less efficient than bombs at causing collateral damage. See raygun phenomenon for more information. 


Source Data


Expanded Universe

"Well back before I was born, right after the Clone Wars, the world of Caamas was brutally attacked and hit with enough firepower that the vegetation boiled off the world, leaving it a dead rock, and the vast majority of the Caamasi dead with it."

STAR WARS Spectre of the Past

Expanded Universe

"It was still not known who the attackers had been who had come out of nowhere to systematically and ruthlessly burn off the planet"


According to Fey'lya: "Perhaps you do not comprehend how much time and effort would be involved in even merely locating an uninhabited world that would be suitable for the remaining Caamasi." His fur rippled. "But then to further insist that we bear the cost of re-forming that world to Caamas's original specifications?"

STAR WARS New Jedi Order Sourcebook

Expanded Universe

"Caamas is now a dead world. Devastated shortly after the Clone Wars by an orbital bombardment ordered by the Emperor, Caamas's vegetation and animal life - including most of the Caamasi people- died in the space of a day."

STAR WARS The Essential Atlas

Expanded Universe

"The Caamas Firestorm. The Caamasi, known for twenty-five thousand years of levelheaded pacifism, expressed alarm at the galaxy's sharp turn into dictatorship. The planet's leaders preached a return to the philosophy of "peace by moral strength." Unwilling to punish Caamas publically, Palpatine arranged for the sabotage of its planetary shields and its bombardment by mercenaries. The wildfires ignited by the attack drove many of the planet's life-forms to extinction."

STAR WARS Coruscant and the Core Worlds

Expanded Universe


"Caamas was once a lush, temperate planet composed of three main landmasses. Rolling fields, steppes, stout hillocks, and dense forrests teeming with life dominated the landscape. However, shortly after the Clone Wars, an unknown enemy attacked the planet. With the aid of operatives on the surface who disabled the planetary shields and then escaped, the enemy rained fiery destruction on the peaceful world. The ensuing firestorm decimated all vegeation and animals and wiped out most sentient Caamasi. 

Caamas became a barren, rocky wasteland. The destruction was complete, destabilizing the planet's ecosystem. Plants no longer release oxygen into the atmosphere. Any animals that survived the initial attack died a slow death of starvation and asphyxiation. Immense clouds of soot and smoke filled the atmosphere, radically altering the climate. The resulting atmosphere is toxic to most aliens, and a breath mask is now required for any sustained activity. Without vegeation, erosion runs rampant and dust storms commonly sweep the landscape. Even the oceans have become polluted from runoff!"


"Before its destruction, Caamas was home to the Caamasi, a pacifist society of scholars and nobles with high moral values. Some legends claim that the first Jedi Knights traveled to Caamas to learn how to use their powers ethically. Just after the Clone Wars, the planet was devastated by an unknown enemy.

In truth, Palpatine secretly engineered the destruction of Caamas with assistance from Bothan operatives. The Caamasi were wise and free-thinking, clinging to the ideals of the Old Republic. Palpatine perceived them to be a threat to his domination and quickly removed them. The planet's destruction caused galaxywide outrage due to the extent of the attack. A few Caamasi survived and fled to refugee camps on Kerilt, Susevfi, and Alderaan. Of course, those on Alderaan died soon thereafter when that planet was destroyed as well."


"The name Caamasi, in many languages, translates to "friend from afar" or "stranger to be trusted." The Caamasi are artistic, wise, pacifistic, and free-thinking, possessing a strong sense of moral values. Most become scholars, diplomats, or merchants. They have a deep respect for others, even their enemies."