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Base Delta Zero
Star Wars Legends - Orbital Bombardment


Case Study
Wrath leads a Base Delta Zero bombardment

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"The Assertor-class Star Dreadnought Wrath leads a Base Delta Zero bombardment."

The entire planet's crust is fractured, its surface dominated by a network of molten fissures each miles wide and glowing red. The area directly subjected to turbolaser fire is obscured by a screen of vaporized rock and is most likely molten considering the magnitude of bombardment. The series of images listed below compare the effects of Wrath's orbital bombardment with those of a world ending asteroid impact; this collision involved a five-hundred kilometre wide spheroid composed of solid iron impacting a planet at twenty-kilometres per second (216,000 kilometres per hour). 

Great Asteroid Impact

Base Delta Zero


Energy Considerations

The damage caused by the great impact and the Base Delta Zero bombardment are clearly similar; thus the accumulated energy injected into the planet by Wrath's turbolaser batteries must be comparable to the kinetic energy delivered by the asteroid. A five-hundred kilometre wide iron spheroid would mass more than five-hundred quadrillion metric tons and deliver >1e29 joules of kinetic energy at a velocity of twenty kilometres per second. This is equivalent to a twenty-six exaton bomb (26,000,000,000,000 megatons TNT) which is consistent with the firepower calculations on the Base Delta Zero page.